Phil Spencer, of Location, Location, Location fame says that this little trick can increase the value of your home instantly!

You'll only look at the title deeds for a property in detail when you're either buying a new property or trying to sell one. Most of the time, the deeds are in the loft in a box of important documents or filed away somewhere safe. You're given them by the solicitor, but at that moment, you only want to get moved in, don't you?

Letting agents are a lot like banks. Once a landlord has signed up with an agent, they often don't change; it's too much hassle. But this can mean that many landlords are tied to an agent they're unhappy with. This isn't really good enough, is it?

We've all been there. You apply for a credit card or a loan, and they start to process the application. Your heart rate rises just a touch. And then, after what feels like an age, the application passes. Or it doesn't.

Summer is a wonderful time to sell your home. A peak of activity in every estate agent's calendar. Whatever the reasons, the summer property market always heats up (sorry, terrible pun!) and the number of sales increases. So, what should you do if you plan a big summer getaway and also want to sell your home?

We spend lots of our time outdoors during Summer, so when staging a home for sale during the warmer months, it's time to let your outside space sing.

If you've been searching for property recently, you may have noticed the property listings now have to note the tenure. Here we will explain the different tenures and what they mean to a buyer and property owner.

With uncertainty in the property market and, quite frankly, the world, you, like many people, may have decided that you'll not move house just now. But you must've had reasons for thinking about moving in the first place, right? What if you need more space? what is involved in extending your home? Where do you even start?

You may have heard of the minimalism movement. You might have even watched the Netflix documentary. But for those of you that have no idea what it's about, read on for a general explanation.

The average seller spends years deliberating about selling their home. With all of that time spent researching, many sellers will already know which estate agent they will use when ready to market their home. So, how have they made this decision?

If you've ever been told that your landlord wants to sell your home, you'll know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. So, if you've been making your house your home and getting things nicely settled, only to be told that your landlord wants to sell up, what should you do?

The current market is buoyant and bullish, prices are at an all-time high due to a lack of stock and buyer demand is relentless. Recent events have made many evaluate their situation and location when it comes to where they are living. Many Home Owners and Landords are now in a quandary to stick or twist.